Why Choose Hamsters as Pets?

choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care

choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care
choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care


Some animals get aggressive when there are guests at your house. Like dogs that bark and jump when there are guests at home and cats that become aggressive to the house guests.

Hamsters are self-contented and self-managers, they are normally happy and settled dawdling around their cages. They enjoy filling their mouths with food and most probably, at day time they are snoozing because they nocturnal animals and more active at dawn.

For that, your hamster potter won’t be annoying your house guests. They just dawdle in their cages like housemates in a Big Brother house but are not annoying, and loud housemates.

Frolic Companion 

There are times that we get sad and lonely at night, but don’t worry! Your future hamster pet is a perfect companion. Hamsters are more active at twilight and that they will give you the best company, showing you frolicking stunts in their cages.

If you are having a troubled mind, hamsters can help you clear your mind just by stroking your lovely hamster soft fur. That little cutie furry pet will ease your stress especially when they are frolicking in the obstacle courses in their cage.

By taming your pet hamster, you will later on gain your their trust. He/she will be friendly if properly trained and will be happily contented in his little cage especially when they have their own obstacle courses in  it. This will make him/her fond of his/her little town.

Neat Animals

Hamsters are clean unlike any other animals that will leave you poo in any areas of your house. You won’t have poo-scooping time cleaning your pet’s mess.

Hamsters can be quickly trained to have a habit of regularly occupying just one corner of their cage to be their cloakroom. Through this, cleaning your hamster’s cage will be so much easier. Just a little “spot cleaning” on their cloakroom will lighten your load.

Adorably Rewarding

Like any other pets, hamsters are just as lovely and adorable as other furry pets because they are pocket-sized pets. When you create a little obstacle course in their cages, it is very adorable to see them running, playing, and jumping in to the courses.

When hamsters have given their trust to their owners, they reward you by making you happy by showing you some tricks. They could also recognize their owners’ scent easily.

choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care
choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care
choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care

Trouble-Free Supervision

Hamsters are cheap to maintain and care for. Unlike dogs, hamsters do not require their owners to give them a walk outside. Dogs would need a lot of accessories every time you would go out for a walk. It will also cause an additional expense especially when you are busy and you don’t have time to take your dog for a walk. You will have to pay for someone to walk your dog.

Hamsters also don’t need supervision during the day because they are usually sleeping during day time. Therefore, you can go to work or class happily without worrying about them.

Smart Pets

Hamsters are smart. They can be easily trained and tamed. When hamsters get to know their main caretaker, they give their trust easily and will compensate your love and tender care by giving you their full trust.


Aside from being smart and rewarding pet, you will be amazed on how they love to play around. Hamsters are most playful at dawn, where they are very active as they jump, run and waddle around their little town which will make you adore your cute little furry friends.

Even in making a little town for your pet hamster can give you fun. Seeing them run around their obstacle in their cages will add more fun. In addition, you can personalize and create a more enjoyable playground for your lovely little furry.

On a Final Note

If you are now motivated to raise and pet a hamster, do not forget that you would also need to invest patience, energy, and time.

Your patience will be tested in the process of training and gaining the trust of your little cutie hamster. Taming your pets will take much of your patience but you can endure for the love of your pet.

Hamsters love to play and that will require your energy. However it can benefit you both, you exert energy by playing with them and in return, your pet hamster will give you happiness and relief alongside with them giving you their trust.

All of this will require time. And that time is the most important investment in your relationship with your pet hamster.



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