General Guidelines In Feeding Your Hamsters


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We commonly see hamsters with cheeks full but still, we want to provide them with more food. Even though they do not finish the food in their mouth directly, it is important to avoid overfeeding our hamsters.

Hamsters can eat diverse foods, but in most cases, they only need dry foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. If you are a newbie in raising a hamster, it is important to know the general but helpful guidelines to your hamster’s diet.

What Do Hamsters Eat?

At present, where many pet stores offer variety of food for your hamsters, many pet hamster owners opt to buy mixes of pellet that already contains necessary vitamins and minerals. It is important that when buying dry foods for your pet hamster, consider the appearance of the food. If possible choose the mix that looks natural and has an appealing color.

Buying ready mixed foods for your pet hamster will give you the easiest and safest way to feed your little furry friend but it is also suggested to alternate it with fresh and natural foods.

Hamsters are considered as omnivores because they like to eat fruits and vegetables along with meat. If you opt for a natural and healthy diet for your little furry friend, you may let them eat the following suggested fruits and vegetables:

  1. Carrots
  2. Grapes
  3. Apples
  4. Broccoli
  5. Chicory
  6. Cauliflower
  7. Pear
  8. Peach
  9. Banana
  10. Cherries
  11. Strawberry
  12. Mango
  13. Cucumber

Carrots and cucumber are among the well-known foods loved by hamsters but always remember that your pet hamsters are pocket-sized animals and that they only have small internal storage for food. Chunks and slices of these fruits and vegetables are enough.

It is also recommended to have your pet hamster an occasional hard-boiled egg to fed him with protein. Egg snacks should be served like the size of a raisin.

How Much Food Does a Hamster Need ?

To know the amount of food intake needed for your furry friend, it is also important to know the kind of its specie. Their metabolism differs to the kind of specie your hamster belongs.

For instance, the Syrian Hamster is suggested by the Peoples Dispensary of Sick Animals to have a 10g of dry hamster food twice a day. Unlike other dwarf hamsters who have faster metabolism.

On the other hand, Chinese hamsters are known to be prone for diabetes and osteoporosis. Aside from being vigilant to their food composition, it is best to give them some time cheese and vegetables rich in calcium like spinach.

Time Of The Day You Need To Feed Your Hamster

Specialists suggest, feed your hamster once a day. You may choose to feed your furry friend during the morning or at night. There’s still a debate on what time is better to feed your pet hamster but there has still no scientific explanation on whether night is better than the morning or vice versa.

Most of the hamsters store foods on their cheek pouches to eat snacks during the day. They enjoy snacking during the day so it is better to leave enough food to do this. But there is a need to consider the freshness of the food.

Avoid giving too much food in their bowl to avoid food from being stale. Serving too much on their bowl will leave uneaten food to rot.

Suggested Measures On Feeding Your Hamster

  1. In the cage of your hamster, you must give the food a distance away from where your furry pet defecate or urinate.
  2. Put food in their bowl in an ample amount enough for them to finish. This is to avoid leftovers that will get rot.
  3. Hamsters are known for being hoarders that’s why they store foods in their beddings. Though they are nocturnal animals, they wake up several times of the day to eat their collected snacks.
  4. When offering fruits and vegetables to your pet hamsters make sure it is not fresh from the fridge and best if it’s dried. Fruits and vegetables should be served in small amounts and stored from a room temperature.
  5. Like any other animal, hamsters also need water. Since, hamster cannot overturn a water storage better to buy or get your furry friend a drinker that hangs from the cage bars. And remember to change their water everyday.
  6. When buying ready mix meals from pet stores make sure that it contains necessary vitamins and nutrients for your pet hamster.
  7. When giving extra supplements for your pet hamster, seek first a specialist’s suggestion.

Foods Shouldn’t Be Feed To Your Hamster

  1. Don’t give them any citrus food or onion; these foods have high acid contents which can cause troubled tummy of your pet hamster.
  2. Junk foods, chocolates, alcohol, candies, and tomato leaves are big NO!
  3. Avoid giving your furry friend sticky sweets that will attached to their teeth for a long time. This may cause discomfort for your pet hamster.

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